Samuel probably was born around 1100 B.C, his mother was named Hannah, she was one of the wives of Elkanah, and he was given to a man named Eli in Shiloh when he was born.

When Samuel was around 12 he started to hear voices at night in his room, at first he thought that it was Eli calling him, who told him to go to bed. After several times of this Eli told Samuel that the voice he heard was not him but God. God told Samuel that Eli and his family are condemned to sorrow and destruction because of Eli’s wicked brothers who had caused multiple sins. In the morning Eli asked Samuel what God had told Samuel, but he didn’t want to tell because he was afraid to hurt Eli’s feelings, but when he told Eli he said that God should do whatever he see fit to do. After God continued to talk to Samuel following him wherever he went.

20 years later Samuel had gained the name as a prophet and had defeated the Philistines that had taken over them for several years. He also appoints Saul to be the first king of Israel
Around his retirement he gave a “farewell speech” saying that people that preach the word of God should be more important that any king or queen. He also said that they should not fall into worshiping false idols or God will punish them dearly if they do so. Before he retires he makes David the second king of Israel which is a very important part of the bible.

Then he is not seen at all until he dies and is buried at his hometown of Ramah.

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