Habakkuk birth date is not known, but he was eighth of the 12 Minor Prophets and on the Eastern liturgical calendar, his feast is on December 2. Many people assume that Habakkuk is part of the Levi Tribe which is a musician for the Solomon Temple. He is also a Temple Prophet.

Habakkuk is a book in the Hebrew Bible and is located in The Old Testament. Habakkuk means “embracer”; he embraces and comforts the people of Judah. Habakkuk prophesied in Judah during the Babylonian advance to Judah (605-597 BC).

Habakkuk is not one of God followers that quietly obediently listen to God. Most of the times he questions God commands and ask God questions that God replies puzzle him. When the Babylonians were advancing, Habakkuk asked God, “Why do you let the wicked Babylonians conquer those who’s more righteous?” , God replied , “But the righteous will by live His faith.” Even though God doesn’t always fulfill Habakkuk wishes, Habakkuk still stayed with God till the very end.

Scientist points out that the book of Habakkuk is not found in the Dead Sea Scrolls and it was very similar to The Book of Daniel and for that reason, Habakkuk background was based on. Also Habakkuk is one of the few prophets that scientist and researchers have not found much information on.

Written By: Kevin Pham

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