The story of Esther is quite interesting, for example Esther was raised up by her cousin Mordecai since her parents had died. This story happened around 477 B.C. Before her name changed to Esther it was Hadassah, which means “myrtle” in Hebrew. At that time king Xerxes ruled over 127 provinces stretching from India to Cush, including Susa which is the place where Esther lived. Queen Vashti had disobeyed King Xerxes so he kicked her out. The king decided to search for beautiful young virgins around the provinces to find his new queen.
Esther was one of the women chosen and she was put under the care of Hegai, but she won the favor of everyone including the King. Esther was made Queen as soon as the King saw her and they had a banquet for the celebration. Haman was the King’s Prime Minister and when he rode his horse, everyone would bow down to him except Mordecai. Haman got mad and was planning to kill the Jews in Persia, he also got the king’s permission to do so.
Mordecai herd about what Haman plotted and he went straight to Ester to tell her the News. Now Esther had not told the King that she was a Jew because she would be also held captive and killed. Ester knew that she had to do say something to the King to stop the plan. She prayed and fasted for 3 days until she visited the King. When she did, she asked if there would be a banquet with the King and Haman. The King agreed and during the banquet asked Queen Esther what was her request. She replied that they should have another banquet to discuss her request.
After the banquet, Haman bragged to his family about how he was invited to a banquet with the King and Queen. He felt so proud that he had a pole constructed 75 feet high to hang Mordecai. During the next night’s banquet the King asked what Esther wanted. She replied by saying to spare her life for she was a Jew and to spare the rest of the Jews including her cousin Mordecai, who was to be hanged.
The King got mad and asked who wanted to kill the Jews. “It is Haman who wanted to kill them, and he wanted to hang Mordecai on a pole 75 feet high,” replied Esther. The King got furious at Haman and said that he was the one to be hanged on the pole he made. After that Esther was given Haman’s estate and the enemy of the Jews and Mordecai was made Prime Minister. Esther wanted one last thing to be done and that was to put an end to Haman’s plan to kill the Jews. So the King said to Mordecai to write an order in the King’s name and seal it with his ring. They celebrated the fourteenth day and fifteenth day of the month of Adar because those were the day when the Jews ruled over.

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